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  Miyako Island has a rich past of distinct dialects, culture, and history that we aspire to share with children and young adults on the island today. This website is a platform to share this vision and present a faithful narration of Miyako Island's past and culture. This also means we integrate as many Miyako dialects into the narratives as possible, alongside Japanese translation, so as to convey the original nuances of the content.


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  Folk Stories of Miyako Island (New Translation) 17 stories on this page
  Scary Folk Story of Miyako Island (New Translation) Three Legs Monster Goat
  Folk Songs of Miyako Island (New Translation)
Hounen no uta
Nariyama ayagu
Harimizu nu kuicha
Niima no shyu
Onitora nu musume
  Miyako Dialect and Culture Karuta (Card Game)  
  Story of Nikolai Aleksandrovich Nevsky -1 (Russian Linguist)  
  Story of Nikolai Aleksandrovich Nevsky -2  
  Miyakojima Hogen (dialects) Research Cluster (MHRC) Indigenous Languages Study
  Humorous Stories and Funny Jokes of Miyako Island Dialect  
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  Historical Photographs of Miyako Island

Shipwrecks Britih Royal Navy ship "HMS Providence" (May 16, 1797) Captain William Broughton
  Garman trading ship "R. J. Robertson" (June 11, 1873) Captain Edward Hernshein
Heros of Miyako (This is the stories of nameless people but can call them a "Real Heroes of Miyako Island History".)
  1. The notorious head taxes (capitation) have continued for 266 years in Miyako Island
  2. Miyako Jyofu (traditional textile) weavers and women’s harsh working conditions
  3. Goat’s Cave's archaeological discoveries and the ancient man of Miyako Island
  4. A man introduced sweet potatoes to Miyako Island
  5. A pioneer of artificial man-made forest in Miyako Island
  6. "Hisamatsu go(5) yushi", story of five heroe fishermen of Hisamatsu, Miyako
  7. Folk songs of Miyako Island women who survived desperately to protect their families
  8. An extraordinary navigation skills of Miyako Island boatmen in the 14th century
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  "Miyakojima-kids.net" English is a condensed version of the Japanese edition, meant to provide a general overview of Miyako Island for children and young adults of the world.

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